Welcome to Tolle, Lege. As the name suggests, this is a blog that will encourage you to take up and read great (and often forgotten) books from centuries past, with a particular focus on Christian thought. Think of it as an electronic library tucked away in an obscure corner of the internet, a place where you can browse without being disturbed, where you can take home any volume you like and make it your own — and it will still be there on the shelf for other readers to enjoy.

Our proximate benefactors are the people who have made these works available electronically: Google Books, the Internet Archive, the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, and other people who understand that one of the best things about cutting-edge technology is that it provides us with a better window on the best that has been thought and said in ages past. And of course we are indebted to the libraries that have permitted their resources to be scanned and placed online for our use.